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The Colonista became interested in cleansing processes while she was in college. As a Nutrition major, she understood the right decisions to make when exercising and eating. However, being a poor college student, it became difficult for her to eat fruits and veggies. Most of the evenings were filled with heavy pizza and greasy burgers.

After realizing that she was not as healthy as she could be, the Colonista went on a treasure hunt for the best way to rid her body of toxins while maintaining good health. Body cleansing and natural remedies became her true field of study. Through learning about various cleansing processes,
the Colonista was able to reclaim her health and boost her energy and
overall well-being.

The Colonista wishes nothing more than to pass on this valuable information to others who want to become healthier and happier. She won’t
sugar coat the information, and she isn’t shy. If you want to learn the
truth about cleansing and health, proceed with an open mind and enjoy!