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October 14, 2010


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Hello it is my first post on this website and to start with I would like to thank for the great quality information, which I were able to find in this and all previous posts ,it really helped me a lot.

Theres Actually a strip done by pekar on Albert Alyer, and Joe lovano, real interesting, i don't agree with him on ayler though...........

Yes, and table salt is a critical part of the human diet. Why not list the water in it too? You can die from Water Intoxication. I doubt it's likely to cause many gastrointestinal considering it's being injected, and at the low levels it's used at.

Also, all injected liquids have to have their salinity adjusted to make them safe to inject. If the salinity is too low, it'll pull the salt out of the body and cause problems. That's why the salt is in there.

As for the gelatin... yes it's made from the bones of buchared animals, so what? So is the Jello that's fed to kids every day. The Vaccine is made from eggs (a chicken embryo), it's not vegan.


I am far more worried about what's in the hotdogs I eat then what are in the vaccines I get injected into my body each year.

Gabor - Yup, table salt's definitely on the list. It can cause the gastrointestinal tract to become severely inflamed, along with diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. That's why I've included it on this list.

A - I included gelatin on the list because this particularly gelatin that's used in vaccines has been made from the boiled skin, tendons, and bones of butchered animals.

More information about vaccines, as well as this list, can be found in Dr. Edward F. Group III's book "The Green Body Cleanse."

Gelatin Umm... That's Jello.

And the vaccines are grown in chicken eggs, so yes, if you're allergic to eggs, you have to get special ones that aren't egg based. But for everyone else, you get the egg based ones.

Read the story of a baby who died in her father's arms because of the antivax movement.

Antivax kills

The whole study the anti-vax movement is based on is bad science, and was done by a scientist who has been discredited. Ignore him and all of the trash he produced.

I know a lot of parent are seeing this and are worried about their kids. Get the vaccines. Because of the idiotic anti-vax movement, we're loosing herd immunity, and these "rare diseases" that you only hear about in third world countries are coming back. Do you want your child to get a sore like this:

What diphtheria looks like caused by diphtheria, and your child will die 5-10% of the time.


Or Pertussis, which this year alone has killed about a dozen babies in California. If we didn't have a high percentage of immunized kids, that would have killed far more.


And there's also Tetanus

Good luck. Make the right decision. Vaccinate your children.

(wow, I'm a computer geek IRL, I didn't think I'd have this much passion for this subject!)

First, you realize that "Table salt" is on the list of toxic ingredients, right? You also realize that blood itself has salt in it, and in fact hospitals use "saline solution" in IVs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saline_(medicine)).
Second, you realize that "living viruses" is on the list as well? This is the entire principle on how vaccines work (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaccine).
Third -- and I'll admit this is unsourced, but still likely true -- I'm fairly sure "mercury" is not on the list of things that vaccines contain.
More important than any of these though is the fact that vaccines save many more lives than they negatively influence. The side effects of vaccines affect small fractions of a percent of the population, whereas they have effectively eliminated huge, dangerous diseases. Furthermore, the principle of vaccines works on the basis that everyone takes part in the system; there is a critical mass of vaccine-free people above which the diseases can spread between them, and then adapt to "jump" to the vaccinated population. From there, we have to start all over again, and lots of people die.

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